Commission Info


After finishing my waiting list, I plan to re-open commissions for the first time in a long while.
I will post on my socials and update when I have an estimated time, thank you for your patience! 

- Joelin (FIVEONTHE)

【 Ordering a Commission 】

  • Send an email to with the commission form
  • If I accept your commission, I will reserve a slot for you!

【 Process 

  • Once your commission is accepted, I will contact you through email when I begin.
  • Invoice will be sent through PayPal, and can be paid full upfront, or half initially and half before final completion.
  • I will update you in stages as I work through your commission. :D 
  • I work closely with your feedback in the commission process, so feel free to let me know what you think! (Initial Sketch > Base Colours > Painting Details/Final)
  • Final file will be sent as a full resolution JPEG / PNG. (Please let me know if you have any specific file formats you need)

【 Commission Form 】

  • Commission Idea: ( brief description of what you have in mind! If you don't know, you can leave it up to me! :D)
  • Style: ( Character Art / Simple / Painted / Painted + BG )
  • Contact: ( email / instagram / twitter / discord )
  • Paypal Email: ( invoice will be sent to this email )
  • References: ( character facial features, eye colour, poses, inspiration etc. )
  • Special Request: ( deadlines / gift / surprise / file formats, etc.)


【 Styles 】

 Personal Commissions Rates ✦ Pricing in USD ✦ Paypal Only ✦
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I. Simple Colour

Linework focused style
— Waist Up $200 
 Full body $250
— additional characters +$100


II. Painted

— Bust $350
— Waist Up $400
— Full Body $450
— additional characters +$150

【 Illustration with Background 】


III. Simple Colour + Background

Linework focused style
— Waist Up $330
 Full body $380
— for complex background pattern and details +$80
— additional characters +$100


IV. Painted + Background

— simple (sky, patterns) $550
— medium (nature) $750
— complex (architecture, many details) $950+
— additional characters +$150
Pricing will vary depending on the complexity of character and environment details!


V. Group Paintings

— Limited availability only!
— Pricing will vary depending on the complexity of character and environment details.


Thank you for your interest and support!(人´∀`*)

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Terms and Conditions

  • All commissions are for personal use only. No reproductions or any form of sales.
  • My gallery will serve as a general example of what I do and what I don't, please understand if I decline your request!
  • I may / may not show progress of your commission on my social media & portfolio. Please let me know if you would not prefer me not to.
  • If you need to cancel your commission, you can do so anytime before I begin. However if I have already made progress, I cannot refund you.

Commercial Commissions

  • For commercial requests and projects, feel free to contact me for additional information.
  • Rates will differ to personal commission pricing depending on the scope of the project, licensing and copyright.
  • Please contact me at and we can discuss further!